Helder Goncalves

TGPSI CNSS is an IT project manager, fullstack developer, and cyber security consultant.

He trades as helderhacks which offers a range of services from IT project management, to web development, and cyber security consultancy. He describes himself as an all-round IT problem solver. At the Centre for Integrative Sports Nutrition, he’s responsible for the development and maintenance of web applications and services, as well as the security aspects of the entire infrastructure which he has devoted several hours to, to ensure that the basic requirements are met, from user and password policies to server monitoring and firewalls (on a server and web application level). He can appreciate that security is a continuous and ever morphing process and that it should be taken into account on a daily basis.

Helder holds a Portuguese TGPSI certification which translates roughly into: Technician of Programming and Management of Computer Systems.

Helder has recently got certified as a Network Security Specialist by ICSI (CNSS), an international cyber security institute accredited by CREST and associated with the UK National Cyber Security Centre and others.

As an advocate for a balanced lifestyle, healthy and individualised approach to nutrition, and being an avid practitioner of mindfulness, Helder is happy to contribute with his IT knowledge toward functional health institutions and to work with individuals oriented that way.

Helder enjoys physical exercise and brain teasers such as Capture the Flag events and online challenges such as Hackthebox.

You can find him blabbering about his IT challenges at https://helderhacks.com