Rachel Jesson

Health Food Specialist

Rachel Jesson B.Phys.Ed (Hons) M.Phil. is a health food specialist and an ex-South African triathlete.Her passion lies in food, health and physical fitness. She has a primary focus on practical and extremely healthy meal and snack options for athletes, active people and those who simply want to be healthy. Rachel insists that for health, we need to keep things simple; she takes inspiration from previous generations with regards to the preparation of wholesome food. Her latest projects include two-day bone broths, convenient but highly nutritious slow cooking recipes, fermented foods (including sauerkraut and dairy and ginger kefir), sports granola bars, and homemade ice cream!

Rachel is the co-author of Wholesome Nutrition, within which she focussed on the food sourcing information and the beautiful recipe section, and she contributes regularly to the Functional Sports Nutrition UK publication. Therapeutically, within the Nutritional Institute, which she co-founded, she works as a health food coach with Ian's clients, helping them to put nutritional interventions into a practical, food-focussed form.

Rachel's current sporting interests are running and CrossFit. Academically, she gained her BPhysEd degree in Physical Education from the University of Witwatersrand in Johannesburg and her Masters degree in Sports Science and Psychology from the University of Johannesburg.
Read more about Rachel on our sister site www.thenutritionalinstitute.com, including her nutritious recipes and blog posts.

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