Paul Ehren

Personal Trainer & Masters Bodybuilder

Paul K Ehren has run his personal fitness practice in London/Essex for the last 16 years and is a founding Director of Physical Frontiers, who specialise in the health and performance of bodybuilders/strength athletes and martial artists. He has a Diploma in Personal Training (Masters) and is an Accredited Coach with the National Amateur Bodybuilders Association. He is also an Associate Member of the UK Strength and Conditioning Association and has various other diplomas including sports nutrition, the role of DNA in health and fitness, and exercise and nutritional interventions for obesity and diabetes. Paul remains a competitive athlete and as a Masters Bodybuilder, has won one British title, placing 2nd twice (all UKBFF), along with three South East titles, 3rd place in British Finals and qualifying for the Mr. Universe (all NABBA). He has also represented GB in Europe, winning the team title at the German Open (WABBA). In addition to his normal consultancy work, Paul is expanding his workshops, seminars and educational work over the coming year.