Heidi du Preez

Food Scientist & Functional Practitioner 

Heidi du Preez is a professional registered scientist, specialising in nutritional biochemistry. Heidi obtained a masters degree in food science in 1995. She has been working in the arena of functional medicine since 1999. Heidi is currently in the process of registering for a PhD in chemical pathology at the University of Cape Town. Her area of specialisation is sulphur metabolism. Heidi runs a private practice in Constantia, Cape Town, and consults online. She follows a functional approach, applying the principles of precision medicine or personalised medicine, which is based on the concepts of nutritional therapy. She specialises in integrative oncology, environmental illness, heavy metal toxicity, digestive disorders and systemic candidiasis. She is the co-author of the health recipe book Naturally Nutritious Wholefood Cookbook and is the co-founder of myHealing. 

Website: www.myhealingprotocol.com