Sebastian Böhm

S&C Coach & Performance Specialist

Sebastian Böhm is an S&C coach and performance specialist. He currently works as a sports scientist for the professional football club CD Atlético Baleares in Spain. He graduated from Ostfalia University of Applied Sciences with a degree in sports management and from AFSM Salzburg with a degree in exercise science. As an athlete, Sebastian played American football at the highest European level. Due to overtraining after mononucleosis, he struggled with CFS/ME for several years after his playing career ended. This experience shifted his focus to health and recovery of athletes. He holds several licences in S&C and both sports and mental skills coaching, and is an expert on heart rate variability tracking, player monitoring and training load management. As a coach, he has gained experience as a weight training instructor, wide receiver coach in American football and S&C coach in basketball.