Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition | April, June and Sept 2018

The Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition, starting in April 2018, will be comprised of three modules, each lasting five days. The modules will be hosted initially as a live event at London’s Kingston University.

Then, via professionally filming and editing and the use of online platforms, it will be converted into a very engaging online offering for distance students.

As shown in the following flow chart, the course will be a progressive learning experience, starting with a comprehensive study of integrative (or functional) nutrition within a sporting context, then moving through conventional sports nutrition with a strong integrative slant to it, and finishing with a very specialised module which looks at cutting edge strategies within sports nutrition and particular sports themselves.

Who’s it for?

The Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition is very much postgraduate training, aimed at degree holders with some experience in their industry. This applies to both nutrition and exercise professionals, including those who are functionally trained such as nutritional therapists, plus individuals trained in sports nutrition and the exercise sciences. The course ambitiously aims to bridge the two worlds of integrative nutrition and sports nutrition.

Knowing that many excellent practitioners are not actually degree qualified, the course is also open to individuals who can demonstrate sufficient prior knowledge. If this is your case, please talk directly with us about your background training and experience.

The modules

Below is a list of topics that will be covered in each module. Each point signifies about a 1/2 day talk. The specialised module 3 will have the largest number of guest lecturers, so this module will be more prone to adjustments than the other two. That said, the current structure will give you an excellent feel for the breadth and depth of study that we will pursue.

Module 1 – Integrative Sports Nutrition and Health (11th -15th of April 2018)

  1. Integrative thinking in sports nutrition, the functional model, timelines, and limitations to science
  2. Individuality and genetics of health, nutrition and performance
  3. Gastrointestinal health specifically in athletes
  4. Detoxification and biotransformation
  5. Exercise immunology
  6. Musculoskeletal health and inflammation
  7. Endocrine system disruption and endocrine fatigue
  8. Energy, bioenergetics, mitochondria and the cardiovascular system
  9. Nervous system balance: sympathetic vs. parasympathetic
  10. A live integrative consultation in action

Module 2 – Applied Performance Nutrition (13th - 17th of June 2018)

  1. ACSM guidelines and calories for a sports person – measurements and myths
  2. Macronutrient needs - carb vs fat discussions, RER, train low, compete high
  3. Micronutrient needs - considering nutrient-dense nutrition, assessments and interventions
  4. Body composition - beyond calorie considerations, and measurement modalities
  5. Pre, during and post-exercise nutrition
  6. Sports and recovery drinks and gels - a history and modern-day concepts
  7. Hydration and electrolytes
  8. Nutrient timing revisited
  9. Overtraining - the bigger neuroendocrine picture, monitoring and recovery
  10. A live performance consultation in action

Module 3 – Specialised Sports Nutrition (12th - 16th of September 2018)

  1. Management of sports injuries through nutrition
  2. Psychoneuroimmunology with regards to illness and chronic fatigue in sport
  3. Buffering of exercise acidosis – pH, breathing, electrolytes, training
  4. Drugs in sport - what the supporting practitioner needs to know
  5. Ergogenic aids - supplements that directly affect performance
  6. Ergogenic aids – conditionally essential supplements that may aid performance
  7. Recovery – nutrition and lifestyle strategies
  8. Monitoring and supporting of recovery
  9. Exercise in extreme conditions - altitude and heat etc.
  10. Sport-specific considerations – a guest speaker will discuss their specialist sport

Webinars/Online lectures to support your learning

  • - Oxidative stress and the antioxidant debate
  • - Methylation and sulphation biochemistry
  • - Food sourcing - soil to plate
  • - Laboratory testing for athletes
  • - Exercise physiology
  • - Exercise biochemistry
  • - Training theories
  • - Theories of fatigue
  • - Sport recipe demonstrations
  • - Sports psychology
  • - Sports-specific speakers


Interaction online

Participants on the Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition will have private access to the Facebook closed group. There they can interact with lecturers and fellow students. This will be particularly useful come assignment time!


Each module will have accompanying assignments that will be designed with the sole view of expanding out your learning from the course. The module 3 assignment will be a case study in action, so it is an opportunity for you to work with one of your current clients to a deeper level, or if you are not yet practicing, to make a start in that process.

Dates of Live Course in London

  • - Module 1: 11th (Wed) - 15th (Sun) of April 2018
  • - Module 2: 13th (Wed) - 17th (Sun) of June 2018
  • - Module 3: 12th (Wed) - 16th (Sun) of September 2018 


London Kingston University, Department of Applied and Human Sciences, Penrhyn Road Campus

What does it cost?

Live course at Kingston University in 2018

  • - Total 3-module cost - £2299
  • - Early bird special for first 15 registrants - £1999 
  • - A 6-month payment plan is available for a 10% additional fee
  • - VAT is not applicable on the stated prices

Online learning

  • - Total 3-module cost - £1999 (this is the ongoing fee and not just subject to an early bird special)
  • - A 6-month payment plan is available for a 10% additional fee
  • - VAT is not applicable on the stated prices


Certifications and Endorsements

Contact us to express your interest and for more information about the course.