FREE WEBINAR: Business strategies for the health & performance practitioner | 27 MAY 2020, 17:00 UK TIME

Are you great at your job but terrible at your business? Do you want to work on the health of your business? Are you wondering how you can fit this in alongside your client sessions?

In this webinar, learn how thinking like an athlete will help you create a better functioning business for you and your clients.

Charlene Hutsebaut, a CSCS Strength & Conditioning specialist, pilates instructor and 26-year veteran of our industry, will stimulate you to start exploring:

  • • Why you do what you do and how that informs your business
  • • Your ideal client and niche area, and how you can then speak to them through your social media strategy
  • • How running your business is like working on the health of a human body where planning like an athlete can enhance the functioning of your business