FREE WEBINAR: Integrative sports nutrition for skeletal muscle health & hypertrophy could good gut health be the key? | 16 SEP 2020, 18:00 UK TIME

The word ‘hypertrophy’ tends to get linked to the word ‘anabolic’, which in a dietary sense gets related to the nutrient protein. While these associations are apt, muscle growth goes way beyond this simple concept.

In reality, we need to nourish our systemic health for the sake of our musculoskeletal health, modulating important processes such as inflammation and oxidative stress, in order for our muscles to vibrantly bounce back from the pressures of training into a new state of strength. For this to happen, even our gastrointestinal and immune health come into play within the newly recognised concept of a gut-muscle axis. Ian and Simone view this thoroughly performance-based topic through an integrative lens of systemic health.