The Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition - Module 3 Musings

Posted by Ian Craig

I returned home to South Africa from London two weeks ago and my feet have hardly touched the ground since. I’ve been catching up with my neglected family and clients, and also dealing with the aftermath of the flood in our house that actually happened one night before I flew to London – two nights of neglected sleep (the second on an overnight flight) was hardly the best preparation for module three! Things are starting to calm down now, however, so I thought to be a good time to cast my mind back to what was an incredible week of learning at Kingston University in mid-September.

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Strategies for athletes to make weight safely

Posted by Simone do Carmo

Many athletes participate in weight-category sports, often requiring them to lose weight and modify their body composition to compete. However, engaging in dangerous, last-minute weight-loss strategies such as severe energy and fluid restriction, laxative use, and cycles of saunas and hot baths can cause severe dehydration. They will literally risk their lives to make weight and it’s our job as sports nutrition practitioners to educate athletes on and support them through the ‘weight making’ process.

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