Algae: the next big ‘superfood’ for athletes? - by Tom Gurney

Posted by Guest

Over the past few years, global demand for edible algae has slowly increased and algae is now being consumed for reasons other than the traditional benefits for nutrition and health. Both spirulina and chlorella are unique green-blue freshwater algae that grow and thrive naturally in warm lakes, but are also commercially produced outdoors in large ponds.

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Disordered eating in athletes: key learnings

Posted by Simone do Carmo

I recently completed a short online course, for coaches and sports professionals to learn how to identify, engage and support athletes with eating problems. Coaches and sport professionals work closely with athletes, so they are ideally positioned to detect the early warnings signs of potential eating issues.

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Intermittent fasting - two sides to the story…

Posted by Ian Craig

Intermittent fasting (IF) has been scientifically claimed to improve several health indices, including insulin sensitivity, weight management, inflammation, oxidative stress, cardiovascular health, and the detoxification of cellular waste. All of these observations make absolute sense to me because the digestion of food is a metabolically energy demanding job, requiring strong input from pretty much every biological system in our body.

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