Shop like a boss: the best grocery list for athletes by Kylene Bogden

Posted by Guest

Grocery shopping was once one of the most basic tasks known to man. Fast forward 100 years and our stores have more products, flavours, food companies and additives than ever before. What once felt like a stroll in the park is now a race through the Amazon. In today’s world, how is an athlete expected to stand his or her 'health ground' with so many options?

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Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition - module 1 musings

Posted by Ian Craig

I landed back with a bump onto South African soil two days ago, exhausted from no sleep on the flight, plus just a few days of intense lecturing: reflection number 1 - don’t teach for three days straight! It was my turn to write a blog this week and now that my brain fog is starting to clear, I thought that it would be a great opportunity to share some of the key points from the live teaching of Module 1 in London last week.

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