Enhancing body and mind performance: it all starts in the gut!

Blog post by Ryre Lee Cornish,

In this blog article, Ryre from Move Nourish Change (MNC) and lecturer on module 2 of the Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition, interviews an amateur cyclist, looking to improve her body and mind performance. The demands of her job and exercise routine require her to be in top shape. Since her recent coeliac diagnosis, she sought out support from MNC to improve her flagging performance in all areas of life.

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Can we approach nutrition for Paralympians in a more functional way?

Blog post by Rick Miller,

Paralympic and disabled sport is fast becoming one of the most hotly contested areas in sport. From its early beginnings in the mid-20th century at Stoke Mandeville, participation in Paralympic sport has grown explosively worldwide, regardless of the reported 10 per cent drop off in participant numbers since the London 2012 games, as reported in the Independent newspaper (1).

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Nourish your thyroid for better performance

Blog post by Ian Craig,

You will rarely find the thyroid gland discussed within sports nutrition circles, but it absolutely should be… Not only are thyroid issues absolutely accepted as ‘real’ within sports medicine and exercise endocrinology, but we choose to nourish our thyroid gland via the foods we eat and supplements we take, plus our thyroid gland is heavily affected by our training and lifestyle load/stress.

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Muscle hypertrophy from an integrative perspective

Blog post by Simone do Carmo,

Muscle hypertrophy is more than training and how many calories or grams of protein an athlete eats. The hormonal environment is also key. This blog article is a taster of my upcoming Module 2 lecture on the Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition course, so hopefully I can whet your appetite!

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The importance of mindfulness for athletic performance

Blog post by Michelle Reed,

This is not a post about nutrition but it falls into the same space for athlete wellness. As athletes, our mental states can make or break our performance. Our mentality is constantly put to the test when we need to perform under pressure or survive the ups and downs of training.

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