Nutrition for recovery

Posted by Simone do Carmo

I believe recovery is probably as – if not more – important than training, but few athletes (and coaches) seem to recognise this. The idea still prevails that training more and harder produces better athletes.

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DIY Sports Drinks

Posted by Ian Craig

Within the wonderful world of sports, a question that I’m often asked is; “which sports drink should I use”, or more recently; “to help my fat adaptation, should I just drink water?”

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Is there a secret elixir for longevity? - by Alessandro Ferretti

Posted by Guest

You might have observed that some foods are healthier for some individuals than others. Given a certain degree of ‘healthiness’ of a food which equates to unprocessed, unrefined, not in excess and consuming the food in the form in which we would find it in nature, we know that there are individual variations of the benefits that a specific food can have on someone’s physiology. 

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