FSN Magazine

Ian has been the editor of Functional Sports Nutrition magazine since 2010. Each edition includes four 2,000 word, fully referenced articles on various topics, plus a Focus-On product column and three Q & A pieces with elite athletes, coaches and nutrition experts.

By carefully selecting expert functional/integrative practitioners as the writers for the magazine, and planning in topics that are health-based, Ian combines the knowledge of two very different fields of nutrition in this magazine: the practical, quantitative and food-based Sports Nutrition and the integrative, qualitative and body-systems approach of Nutritional Therapy and Functional Medicine.

This bi-monthly magazine includes the following features:

- News
- Feature article 1 - functional sports nutrition
- Feature article 2 - performance nutrition
- Feature article 3 - a case study
- Feature article 4 - food and physiology
- Elite athlete Q & A
- Nutrition expert Q & A
- Coach Q & A
- Focus On (a single nutrient)fsnlogo 2017
- Strength and Conditioning column
- New product releases

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