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What is ISN?

An integration of the body-systems approach to health into sport.

What is the Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition?

The Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition is a progressive learning experience, starting with a comprehensive study of integrative (or functional) nutrition within a sporting context, then moving through conventional sports nutrition with a strong integrative slant to it, and finishing with a very specialised module which looks at cutting-edge strategies within sports nutrition and particular sports themselves.

Video lectures
Online meetings & webinars
Self-study & assignments (minimum)
Course completion

The Certificate of Integrative Sports Nutrition

Our course, launched in 2018, is tailored to practitioners’ busy schedules and made as flexible as possible with our in-person, blended, and online learning options. It comprises three modules, each with ten lectures equating to 30 hours of content per module. We also schedule online interactions to support students’ learning. Our case-study based assignments help put students’ learning into practice, all from a personalised and integrative perspective.

Professionals involved in CISN

Ian Craig

Exercise Physiologist & Nutritional Therapist

Rachel Jesson

Certified Natural Food Chef

Simone do Carmo

Exercise Physiologist & Sports Nutritionist

Helder Goncalves

Fullstack Developer

Mémé Watanabe

Nutritional Therapist

Matt Lovell

Nutritional Therapist

Prof. Graeme Close

Prof. Human Physiology & Sports Nutritionist

Sebastian Böhm

S&C Coach & Performance Specialist

Charlene Hutsebaut

Corporate Wellness Expert & Personal Trainer

Katherine Caris-Harris

Nutritional Therapist

Heidi du Preez

Food Scientist & Functional Practitioner

Rick Miller

Sports Dietitian & Functional Medicine Practitioner

Paul Ehren

Personal Trainer & Masters Bodybuilder

Chris Howe

Exercise Physiologist & Researcher

Ryre Cornish

Nutritional Therapist 

Andy Blow

Sport Scientist

Alessandro Ferretti

Nutritional Therapist & Researcher

Dr. Hannah Moir

Ass. Prof. in Health & Exercise Prescription

Pete Williams

Functional Medicine Specialist

Natural Sports Cookery

This unique cookery course aims to expand your culinary repertoire and your athletes’ health-based performance. Learn the importance of food sourcing and energetics, how to supersize the nutrient density of foods, and how to create a balanced meal composition for an athlete using the language and values of intuitive cooking. This course is designed to be a valuable extension to The Certificate of Integrative Sport Nutrition, but can also be done as a standalone option.

Video lectures & self-study
Online meetings & tutorials
Practical food labs
Course completion

Between 5% and 18% of athletes reported negative impact of oral health or trauma on performance

(Ashley P, et al., 2018)


Between 30 and 50% of endurance athletes experience gastrointestinal problems during exercise

(de Oliveira, et al., 2014)


Prevalence of low energy availability in athletes ranges from 22% to 58%

(Logue DM, et al., 2020)


What our students and colleagues say...

The CISN course has brought a new perspective to my practice and has opened new possibilities in my career as a functional nutritional therapist. Initially, the reason I signed up was to have more expertise to help my athletic clients, but the course has taught me more than I expected. It has helped me develop an integrative understanding of the individual from a nutritional perspective.

Vanessa Buccheim, Nutritional Therapist

You have created an open and flexible course with so much rich material. I’m also loving the different backgrounds of class members – some with no sporting education experience, like me, and others with limited nutrition experience – that is great to have together. It’s really beyond what I was hoping for.

Patricia Shelton, Naturopathic Nutritional Therapist & Owner of Shelton Nutrition

Over the years that I have been involved with Ian Craig, I have found that the courses he has personally produced or presented have always been based on good science, they are very informative and are of consistently very high quality. Just as importantly, the information provided has been understandable and of practical, real world use.

Paul K Ehren, Master bodybuilder and personal health and fitness consultant/ functional nutrition practitioner

When I first met Ian, he made an instant impact; partly because of his depth of understanding, but also because of his approach to enhancing sports performance alongside optimising health. All too often in the field of sports nutrition, strategies are focused on performance goals: the approach of CISN is truly integrated, encompassing every aspect of health, including nutrition, psychology and lifestyle.

Alessandro Ferretti, Nutritional Therapist and owner of Equilibria Health Ltd

Ian recently hosted a series of webinars for Human Kinetics and the British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences; all four of them were extremely popular with our database of exercise scientists, coaches, athletes and nutritionists. As well as being extremely knowledgeable about integrative sports nutrition, Ian was a delight to work with.

Ryan Parker, Human Kinetics Publishers

It has been my pleasure to be able to do this career-transforming course. I have truly enjoyed the learning journey despite still having a long way to go. The advice, support and mentorship Ian and Simone have given me has been so valuable, especially in clarifying my confusion in defining my role as a pharmacist practitioner.

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